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Veneer Technicians Are a Dangerous New Trend


From tooth filing to do-it-yourself orthodontics, social media has promoted some unusual dental trends in the past, but this may take the cake: veneer technicians. People claiming to have completed a certificate program granting them status as “veneer technicians” are posting to TikTok on how they are earning $5,000 per week to apply veneers to patients’ teeth. A receptionist in a dental office, Dani Bananni, posted her own TikTok video citing the danger and illegality of such a trend, which has garnered more than 4.7 million views. She notes that only dentists are allowed to provide cosmetic veneers and that the risks are high for permanent negative effects on the dentition when such a therapy is provided by untrained, unlicensed practitioners. Click here to read more

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