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Tennessee Legislators Seek to Increase Access to Care With Newly Introduced Bills


Tennessee lawmakers have taken steps to improve access to dental care in the state with two bills: Senate Bill 2075 and SB 677. SB 2075 aims to broaden dental care access by allowing a dentist to supervise up to five dental hygienists, up from three. This law only applies to public-health settings, not private practice. The bill’s sponsors suggest the increase in the number of dental hygienists who can work under a dentist will expand the total number of dental providers. SB 677 addresses dental insurance practices, seeking to ensure fair compensation for dentists and clarifying certain billing procedures. The bill prohibits practices like downcoding and bundling, enhancing code enforceability and patient payment options. Finally, last year’s legislation, SB 361 and HB 942, positioned Tennessee in the Dentist and Dental Hygienist Compact, facilitating interstate practice once sufficient states join. Click here to read more.

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