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Maine Expands Program to Provide Dental Services to Veterans


The Maine Veterans’ Dental Network (MVDN) recently received a significant boost with a $300,000 grant from Northeast Delta Dental. Established in 2021 to aid veterans lacking dental coverage, the MVDN has been pivotal in providing oral healthcare to veterans unable to afford it. The program, operated in collaboration with nonprofit dental clinics, federally qualified health centers, and Maine’s dental education programs, operates on a first-come, first-serve basis until grant funds are depleted. Last year alone, the MVDN catered to 503 veterans, offering 920 comprehensive dental services. With the additional funding, outreach efforts will extend to 156 veterans with pending referrals from 2023. The initiative underscores the commitment of both governmental and private entities to support those who served the nation. Through partnerships and collaborative efforts, the MVDN endeavors to bridge the gap in oral healthcare accessibility for veterans, ensuring they receive the essential services they deserve. Click here to read more.

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