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Administrative Burdens Encourage Island Dentists to Stop Accepting Insurance


On Molokai, the fifth largest island in Hawaii, half of the island’s dentists are now requiring patients to pay for services prior to receiving them, prompting some residents to forgo dental visits due to financial constraints. Many dental providers have stopped accepting insurance, citing concerns about insurer-imposed treatment restrictions and administrative burdens. This change disproportionately affects Molokai’s low-income population, where out-of-pocket costs for routine dental care can be prohibitive. Patients who pay upfront can seek reimbursement from insurers, but this process is time-consuming. While some dental practices on the island still accept insurance, the shift to pre-paid care restricts access to dental services in a community already facing healthcare provider shortages. Despite challenges, efforts are underway to expand dental services at facilities like the Molokai Community Health Center to improve access for residents. Click here to read more.

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