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UK Study Finds Patients Open to Discussing Weight With Oral Health Professionals


A study conducted at Loughborough University in Leicestershire, England, highlights the potential role of oral health professionals in addressing the global obesity crisis. With 39 million children younger than 5 and 1.9 billion adults worldwide living with excess weight, innovative strategies are imperative. Traditional methods, such as diet and exercise, are giving way to surgeries and weight loss drugs. Researchers at Loughborough explored the feasibility of integrating weight management support into routine dental care. While United Kingdom public health guidelines advocate for collaboration among healthcare services, including dental teams, actual implementation remains low. However, both dental professionals and the public express openness to incorporating weight screening and interventions into dental appointments. Published in Obesity Reviews, the study underscores oral health professionals’ unique position to engage with patients on weight concerns. Nevertheless, barriers, such as weight stigma, time constraints, and the need for training and support, must be addressed for successful implementation. Click here to read more.

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