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Garrison Dental Solutions Acquires U.S. Distribution Rights for LM-Dental Hand Instruments


SPRING LAKE, Michigan – Garrison Dental Solutions, the global leader in sectional matrix systems used for Class II composite restorations, is excited to announce a new distribution agreement with LM-Dental, the innovation leader in hand instruments.  This collaboration brings together two industry pioneers to offer dental professionals an even more comprehensive range of high-quality products.

LM-Dental is renowned for its diverse line of hand instruments, covering restorative, diagnostic, periodontic, and extraction needs.  The exceptional quality, durable materials, and thoughtful design of LM-Dental’s instruments align seamlessly with Garrison’s commitment to providing innovative solutions to dental practitioners.

LM-Dental’s ErgoSense handle, the cornerstone of the instrument lineup, is cushioning silicone over an alloy core.  Clinically tested for ergonomic efficiency, the large diameter and unique pattern of the handle reduces hand fatigue and discomfort, enhancing the overall user experience.

Sharp Diamond curettes and scalers from LM-Dental boast a sharpen-free design, saving practitioners valuable time. The instruments feature a diamond-like carbon coating over a unique carbon enhanced alloy, resulting in an impressive 82% reduction in edge wear compared to traditional instruments.

LM-Arte Dark Diamond restorative instruments utilize the same coating, offering an ultra-smooth non-stick surface. This innovative feature simplifies the placement and shaping of even the tackiest resin materials, providing enhanced precision for dental procedures.

LM-Dental instruments are color-coded for quick identification, streamlining the dental workflow. Conveniently organized kits and individual instruments can be easily ordered directly on the Garrison website.

About Garrison Dental Solutions

Garrison Dental Solutions, established in 1996, is a privately held company specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of product solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of dentistry.  Garrison is the industry leader in sectional matrix systems and its products are sold globally.  Please visit www.garrisondental.com for more information.

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