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Cellular-Level Immune Alterations Explored in Periodontitis-Diabetes Relationship


Much of the bidirectional relationship between periodontitis and diabetes mellitus remains a mystery despite the significant impact of both diseases on overall health. A recent study published in Clinical and Translational Medicine explores this relationship through single-cell RNA analysis. Researchers discovered immune changes indicating that periodontitis may act as a precursor to diabetes via the resistin pathway. Previous studies on local immune responses in gingival tissue have failed to capture the systemic immunological relationship between periodontitis and diabetes. Researchers from the National University in Korea conducted a comprehensive study employing single-cell RNA analysis. They investigated immune dynamics at the cellular level and identified pro-inflammatory cytokine rises in classical monocytes in both the periodontitis and periodontitis with diabetes groups. The intensification of the resistin pathway in both groups suggests a shared intercellular pathway contributing to the complex periodontitis-diabetes relationship. Click here to read more.

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