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Unique Collaboration Works to Provide Dental Care to Those Experiencing Homelessness


The Community Health Centers of Linn and Benton County in Oregon, in collaboration with the recovery support service Communities Helping Addicts Negotiate Change Effectively (CHANCE), has initiated an on-site dental program aimed at addressing the oral health needs of individuals struggling with substance use disorder and homelessness. The program offers dental care to up to seven patients a day, addressing a critical need often neglected due to a lack of access and priority. The detrimental cycle between substance use and worsening dental hygiene is common among those experiencing homelessness. The on-site dental program at CHANCE seeks to break this cycle by offering immediate, walk-in services to individuals who may struggle with keeping appointments. The program involves an expanded practice dental hygienist and dental assistant conducting initial assessments, X-rays, and prophylaxes. A telehealth review by a dentist determines recommended treatment, and the program ensures follow-up visits for the suggested care. Additionally, an in-house dentist will be added next year to provide basic restorative care. Click here to read more.

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