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Temple University Receives Grant to Study Periodontal Disease Progression


Temple University’s Maurice Kornberg School of Dentistry in Philadelphia has received a $3.6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to lead a 5-year study titled Practice-Based Research Integrating Multidisciplinary Experiences in Dental Schools. The collaborative effort with Temple’s College of Public Health and Lewis Katz School of Medicine aims to predict the progression of periodontal diseases. The project involves multifaceted research and training components, with a focus on interdisciplinary collaboration. The study aims to identify factors influencing the progression of periodontal diseases. Researchers plan to develop continuity of care records for patients at Kornberg clinics, integrating real-time medical information from the Pennsylvania Health Share Exchange. The subsequent cohort study with more than 1,000 patients will involve collecting samples for microbiological analysis, contributing to a more comprehensive understanding of periodontal disease progression. The innovative approach incorporates real-time medical information and microbiome data, addressing methodological flaws in previous studies. Click here to read more.

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