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NYU Offers a New Dental Hygiene Degree as a Stepping Stone to Dental School


The New York University (NYU) College of Dentistry is launching a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene With a Concentration in Dental Science, offering students a versatile path for careers in dental hygiene and providing a foundation for those interested in applying to dental school or other graduate health programs. The program’s curriculum — incorporating science, math, and liberal arts courses — aligns with prerequisites for dental school, medical school, and various health-degree programs. Students will gain practical skills to join healthcare teams upon graduation and receive insights into potential future careers while fulfilling requirements for dental school applications. Dental hygiene offers students real-world clinical experiences in collaboration with dental faculty, students, and clinic staff, providing exposure to diverse specialties. The new degree concentration aims to equip students with the knowledge and experience to be “practice ready,” enhancing their opportunities in dental hygiene or further education. The program is open for applications, with the first cohort set to start in Fall 2024. Click here to read more.

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