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Britons Seek Dental Care Abroad Due to Failing System at Home


British citizens are increasingly seeking dental treatment abroad due to shortcomings in the United Kingdom’s (UK) dental healthcare system, according to Reuters. Facing a shortage of providers and limited access to affordable care, many Britons opt for treatment overseas, citing lower costs and better service. The National Health Service (NHS) struggles to meet demand, with millions unable to secure low-cost dental care. As a result, dental tourism is on the rise, with companies reporting surging demand for treatments in countries including Turkey, Hungary, and Romania. The closure of British clinics during COVID lockdowns exacerbated the backlog, prompting patients to seek general dentistry abroad, not just cosmetic procedures. The stark difference in treatment costs between the UK and countries like Turkey makes overseas treatment financially viable, even factoring in travel expenses. Critics blame the UK’s outdated dental contract system for the crisis, calling for urgent reforms to improve access to NHS dentistry. While the government cites increases in dental care recipients, concerns persist about the effectiveness of proposed measures without fundamental contract changes. Click here to read more.

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