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New Dental Insurance Regulations in Massachusetts Will Kick In on January 1


Massachusetts will implement new dental insurance regulations in January, following the approval of Question 2 by voters in the 2022 election. The law, now Chapter 287 of the Acts of 2022, mandates that dental insurers must offer refunds, adjusted by the state, if less than 83% of customer premiums are spent on members’ expenses. Insurers are also required to submit base rates and rating factors for approval by the insurance commissioner. Proposed regulations for dental benefit plans were issued by the Massachusetts Division of Insurance in October, expected to be finalized by the start of 2024. Those supporting Question 2 invested $2.5 million to support its passage. However, opponents, including the Committee to Protect Access to Quality Dental Care, argued that the measure might increase premiums and force smaller providers out of the state. Guardian Life Insurance reportedly withdrew from offering dental insurance to small businesses in anticipation of the changes. Delta Dental, a primary financial backer against Question 2, expressed commitment to implementing the required changes but awaits final regulations before assessing potential impacts on future premiums. Click here to read more.

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