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Review Finds Many Parents Are Clueless About Oral Health


A systematic review investigated parents’ knowledge, attitudes, and preferences related to their children’s oral health. The findings indicated that many parents had limited knowledge about oral health and dental care for their children. For instance, a significant portion of parents were unaware of when their child’s first tooth typically erupts and had misconceptions about appropriate oral hygiene. This lack of awareness extended to dietary habits, with many parents underestimating the impact of sugar on oral health. The review also found that a considerable number of parents had not taken their children to a dentist until they experienced extreme pain, demonstrating a lack of regular dental check-ups. Furthermore, many parents were unaware of the availability of specialized pediatric dentists and did not prioritize regular dental visits for their children. The study authors noted the need for increased parental education and awareness regarding children’s oral health. It also pointed out the importance of informing parents about the significance of primary teeth, the necessity of early dental check-ups, and the potential consequences of neglecting oral health. Click here to read more. 

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