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Can Algae Prevent Fluorosis?


A recent interventional clinical trial aimed to see if Spirulina platensis, a type of algae, could protect lambs from dental fluorosis and oxidative stress in areas where fluorosis is common. The researchers included 48 lambs, splitting them into four groups. Two groups were from areas without fluorosis, and two were from fluorosis-prone areas. In the fluorosis-prone groups, some lambs received a daily dose of Spirulina platensis. After 13 months, they found that the lambs who received a 500 mg/kg dose of Spirulina platensis every day were protected from dental fluorosis. Results of the study, which was published in Scientific Reports, suggest that Spirulina platensis could be a helpful solution for reducing dental fluorosis and improving oxidative stress. While these findings are promising, more research is needed to explore the potential use of the algae in managing fluorosis in other animals and potentially in humans. Click here to read more. 

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