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Tennessee to Adopt Interstate Compact


Tennessee is making strides toward becoming one of the pioneer states to adopt the Dental and Dental Hygienist Interstate Compact. This landmark agreement would enable dental professionals with licenses from member states to practice in other participating states without requiring a new license. An essential provision of this compact is that all member states must adhere to uniform licensing requirements. By joining this compact, Tennessee aims to address the shortage of dental providers and foster improvements in the state’s dental healthcare system, as it eases the barriers to cross-state practice.

Drawing parallels to existing compacts in fields like psychology, nursing, and physical therapy, Tennessee’s participation in this initiative highlights its commitment to facilitating professionals’ mobility across state lines. Moreover, this new compact stands to benefit military families by simplifying the process for service members or their spouses to continue practicing their professions in Tennessee or any other member state when they are reassigned to a new duty station. The Dental and Dental Hygienist Interstate Compact holds great promise in streamlining professional practices and fostering collaboration among member states to enhance dental care accessibility and quality across the nation. Click here to read more.

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