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Biorhythm Present in Teeth Related to Weight Status in Adolescents


New research out of the University of Kent in Canterbury, England, shows that the biorhythm present in primary molars is associated with weight status in adolescents. The study looked at naturally exfoliated primary molars of 61 adolescents and analyzed each participant’s daily cycle, or biorhythm, which is evidenced in hard tissue such as teeth. In adults, a biorhythm is typically 7 days. Those adolescents whose teeth showed a faster biorhythm (5- to 6-day cycle) weighed less than those whose teeth demonstrated a slower biorhythm (7- to 8-day cycle). Also, those with the slower biorhythm were six times more likely to present with a very high body mass index. The researchers suggest the next step in better understanding this link is to determine whether those with the slower biorhythm experience negative health outcomes in adulthood. Click here to read more.

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