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DentiqGuide Interworking With MEDIT Link


MEDIT linkMEDIT Link’s openness enhances the connection with DentiqGuide, one of the most intuitive, as well as affordable, dental implant planning solutions available. It enables digital implantologists to enjoy a seamless workflow, from intraoral scan data acquisition to surgical guide design. DentiqGuide is globally well known for its freely downloadable software that offers an open-architecture dental implant solution for implant planning, surgical guide design, and even temporary crown design. Moreover, MEDIT i700 scanner users can generate dental model STL files — both hollow type and solid type — from intraoral scan data using DentiqGuide’s Generate Model Base tool. This collaboration provides MEDIT users convenient access and time-saving benefits. DentiqGuide has been certified by the FDA, CE and PMDA in Japan. A trial version of DentiqGuide is freely downloadable at bit.ly/3AdusPQ.

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