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Controls Bleeding Fast With No Sutures Required


Medicom® SafeGauze® HemoStat™ Topical Hemostatic Dressing (Medicom.com) transforms into a gel within seconds for fast and easy placement. HemoStat absorbs 400% its weight in fluid. It fills the wound and forms a gelatinous plug that acts as a strong clot for effective bleeding control and adheres to the wound, so it stays securely in place with no suturing required. HemoStat is made from 100% hypo-allergenic cellulose with no chemicals or animal-based products. It is a safe, natural treatment that helps prevent adverse effects, promotes healing and reduces the incidence of post-operative infection thanks to its natural antibacterial properties. The gelatinous plug gradually dissolves into saline and glucose, further minimizing the risk of infection. Convenient packaging saves valuable chair time.

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