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Alacer Corp. Launches Eco-Conscious Toothpaste Brand Natean

New brand debuts with four clean ingredient toothpastes available exclusively at Walmart.


NateanAlacer Corp. has announced the launch of Natean, a new eco-conscious oral healthcare brand aimed at consumers looking for nature-inspired toothpastes that deliver essential oral care benefits. Born at the intersection of nature and science, Natean was developed by a small team of passionate scientists and herbalists at Alacer Corp., a subsidiary of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare. When assessing the industry’s current offerings, it became clear there was an opportunity in the category for a new toothpaste brand that balances scientifically studied ingredients with botanicals that is also planet friendly. Natean expertly blends what science and nature can offer in an oral care brand, resulting in a range of consciously crafted and innovative products driven by consumer insights.

“In identifying what people are looking for, it became evident that consumers want a toothpaste that provides desirable oral care benefits, is enjoyable to use, and is earth friendly,” says Jason Milligan, vice president, U.S. Oral Health at GSK Consumer Healthcare. “The Natean brand delivers on these needs with products that are made with people and the planet in mind.”

Each toothpaste in the Natean line was created with consciously chosen ingredients and sustainable packaging materials, minimizing the impact to the planet. Infused with botanicals, natural flavors and fruit extracts, Natean toothpastes not only offer a fresh and clean feel with twice-daily brushing, they also provide essential oral care benefits, such as cavity protection, tartar control, or whitening.

Through rigorous testing and research, scientifically studied ingredients were combined with natural botanicals — including orange blossom, mint, aloe vera and coconut — to create Natean. All Natean toothpastes are vegan friendly and free of sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial sweeteners, flavors and dyes, parabens, phosphates, gluten and GMOs. Every tube contains post-consumer recycled plastic, is BPA-free, and is packaged in a Forest Stewardship Council certified carton.

The Natean line offers four toothpaste varieties which meet different consumer oral care needs, from whitening to cavity fighting to sensitivity relief, including both fluoride and fluoride-free formulations. The current products in the line are:

  • Natean Clean + Whiten Fluoride-Free Clean Mint
  • Natean Clean + Whiten with Fluoride Clean Mint
  • Natean Clean + Whiten Charcoal Fluoride-Free Clean Mint
  • Natean Clean + Sensitivity Relief with Fluoride Soothing Mint.

Available now, Natean is sold exclusively at Walmart stores in the oral care aisle and at Walmart.com. For more information about Natean, visit NateanToothpaste.com.

About Natean:

Natean is a new oral health care brand with a line of eco-conscious toothpastes, created by scientists and herbalists from Alacer Corp. a subsidiary of GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare.

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