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Proposed California State Budget to Fund Dental Workforce Training and Dental Care for Pediatric and Special Needs Patients


While California’s 2022-2023 state budget remains under negotiation, it currently includes significant investment in dental workforce training, preventive care for children, and improving access to care for patients with special needs. The budget now encompasses $1.7 billion earmarked for workforce training, which would include a dental apprenticeship program, training for career-ladder positions in dentistry, loan repayment programs, and expansion of dental assisting programs. Additionally, $30 million is planned to fund the state’s public insurance program for low-income children to receive preventive dental care. A one-time sum of $50 million is also included to expand the number of dental providers with the expertise necessary to adequately treat patients with special needs. A final budget must reach the governor’s office by June 15. Click here to read more.

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