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Kellogg Fights Back Against England’s Regulations on High-Sugar Products


Regulations to curtail the promotion of food products containing high levels of sugar, fat, or salt went into effect in England this past April. The rules limit the placement of these products in grocery stores (ie, they cannot be placed in prime locations or endcaps) and prohibit the use of promotions such as “buy one, get one free” on such products. The goal of the regulations is to reduce the prevalence of tooth decay and obesity among the British population. High-sugar cereals have been targeted for these regulations. The multinational cereal manufacturer, Kellogg, has taken the government to court noting that the regulations do not consider the addition of milk when high-sugar cereal is consumed, which lowers the overall amount of sugar in relation to the cereal’s volume. The case will be heard in May at the Royal Courts of Justice in London. Click here to read more.

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