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W&H Strengthens Global Brand, Expands US Team

For decades W&H’s sales team has been providing dental products and solutions to the US market. To further strengthen their global brand in North America, they have expanded their US team to deliver broader, more localized support in their sales, service and marketing efforts for their authorized partners, particularly within the Dental Equipment Business Unit.


W & HW&H Group, an international medical technology company, has been focusing on dental products and solutions for over 130 years. As market leaders in this area, they have repeatedly set industry standards around the world with their innovations, providing high-end solutions, devices and precision instruments. All are manufactured at three production plants in Bürmoos (Austria), Brusaporto (Italy) and Gothenburg (Sweden).

130-Year History of W&H

As the oldest dental handpiece manufacturer in the world, they have remained a family-owned company with a family culture. “The family concept is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy. W&H is characterized by dedication, expertise and mutual trust. It is teamwork and innovation that make us strong – today and in the future,” says Peter Malata, President of W&H. As W&H strengthens its global brand in North America, they’ve expanded their Dental Equipment Team across the US to meet this demand. The team has a wealth of industry knowledge, with over 330 years of combined experience, to reinforce the industry-leading support their partners expect from W&H. According to Bastian Diebald, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, “Our sales and leadership team has been instrumental in reinforcing and growing market share of our dental solutions throughout the US and particularly within our Dental Equipment Business Unit. Our slogan, ‘People have Priority’ says it all as people are at the heart of everything we do.”

Product Portfolio

W&H’s Dental Equipment Business Unit has an extensive product portfolio of dental solutions covering the areas of: 

  • Restoration and prosthetics
  • Sterilization, cleaning and maintenance

About W&H 

W&H Impex, Inc. located in Ontario, Canada, is a subsidiary of W&H Group. Headquartered in Bürmoos, Austria, the international W&H Group is a global leader in the development and manufacture of medical technology products. Passion and innovation are the motor of the company. High-quality product and service solutions, a modern corporate structure, a strong focus on research and development as well as social responsibility make W&H a locally and globally successful family business. More than 1,200 employees contribute to the production 

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