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WHO Adds Interleukin-6 Receptor Blockers to COVID-19 Treatment List


Individuals who become gravely ill with COVID-19 often experience an overzealous immune response, worsening their condition. The use of interleukin-6 receptor blockers, such as tocilizumab and sarilumab, can quell this overreaction, according to a meta-analysis conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO). As such, the WHO issued a new guideline that recommends the use of these medications, particularly in combination with corticosteroids, in the treatment of severe COVID-19 illness. The meta-analysis, which included more than 10,000 patients, found that the risk of death among those taking interleukin-6 receptor blockers was 13% lower than those who did not receive the medication regimen. The WHO is requesting that manufacturers of such medications increase their production as soon as possible. Click here to read more.

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