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Asymptomatic and Recovered Individuals May Still Benefit from COVID-19 Vaccination


The United States Food and Drug Administration is on the cusp of granting emergency use authorization to the Pfizer vaccine and states are busy preparing for its distribution amid rising COVID-19 rates. But what about those who have recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection or who are asymptomatic? Should they get the COVID-19 vaccine? Public health officials say yes. While much remains unknown about the novel coronavirus, there seems to be little harm in getting immunized. It does appear that reinfection with COVID-10 is relatively rare, but public health experts suggest immunity may decrease over time and the vaccine may boost immunity among those with some level of natural immunity due to exposure.

The trials conducted by Pfizer and other vaccine manufacturers do not specifically look at effects on those who may have already had COVID-19, but research on all of the COVID-19 vaccines will continue even after their use is widespread, so more information on this subject may be forthcoming. Read more here.

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