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Post-Election: What New Potential Legislation Could Mean for Dentists


Taxation is one of the most complex issues businesses face, including dentists. This is especially true for mid-sized business owners who are not always well-represented before Congress. Art speaks with Eide Bailly Director of Legislative Affairs Mel Schwarz, JD, CPA, in this episode of The Art of Dental Finance and Management podcast.

In his unique role based in Washington, D.C., Mel spends his time working with members of Congress, as well as influential individuals at the Treasury and IRS regarding new and pending tax legislation. He is dedicated to keeping business owners informed on legislation updates that could affect owners as well as helping them make their concerns and needs heard by the right people.

In light of the recent election, Art and Mel discuss the relevant legislative issues that could affect dentists and their tax planning:

  • What provisions of President-elect Biden’s tax plan may be implemented?
  • Updates on pending PPP legislation.
  • Potential changes to tax policy and law if:
    • The White House and both houses of Congress are controlled by the Democrats, or
    • The Senate remains in Republican control
  • Possible overhaul of healthcare legislation and the Affordable Care Act.

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