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Public Health Departments Struggle to Prepare for Vaccine Rollout


While the United States has spent more than $10 billion on vaccine development, funds have not been allocated to support public health departments in rolling out two COVID-19 vaccines that may be ready as early as late October or the beginning of November. States need help to effectively educate Americans about the value of vaccination, as well as funds to disseminate, administer, and then trace who receives the vaccines. Clinicians who administer the vaccines will also need enough syringes and personal protective equipment to ensure their safety as well as patient safety.

Representatives from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are meeting with state public health officials to help prepare for the wide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines. States are also hopeful that additional public health funds will be part of a new stimulus package that awaits further debate once Congress returns from a summer recess. Read more here.

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