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COVID-19 Cases Go Undiagnosed Among Frontline Healthcare Professionals


Approximately 69% of COVID-19 infections went undiagnosed among 3,000 frontline healthcare professionals between April and June in 12 states, according to new research published in the United States Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Those with undiagnosed COVID-19 later tested positive for antibodies. Of those frontline workers with undiagnosed infections, about 30% reported no symptoms, 50% had no indication they had been infected, and 66% never tested positive for the novel coronavirus. Undiagnosed cases were more common among those who worked in settings with shortages of personal protective equipment and less common in workers who wore a face mask during all patient encounters. Read more here.

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  1. J S says

    This is more evidence that the effects on healthy individuals is minimal and the vulnerable should be protected and the rest of society can het back to being normal. Let’s atop playing politics and forge ahead! I tested positive for antibodies without any illness/symptoms.

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