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How to Transition Your Dental Practice During COVID-19


During a time of immense change, dental practices are beginning to look toward the future and how will they survive the COVID-19 pandemic. One consideration is transitioning your practice through either buying a new practice or selling your dental practice.

The guest for this week’s episode of The Art of Dental Finance and Management podcast is Art’s long-time friend and dental attorney, Dr. Lee Maddox of Maddox Healthcare Law. Dr. Maddox has over 30 years of experience as both a dental attorney and a dental broker, and he ran Henry Schein’s brokerage operation for over five years.

In this episode, Art and Dr. Maddox discuss:

  • The state of dental practice transitions
  • What sellers need to consider when thinking about selling now, versus waiting
  • Considerations for buyers when buying practices
  • What banks are doing and how they are evaluating practice sales transactions
  • Possible ramifications of waiting until 2021 to sell your practice

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