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Five Critical Steps to Reopening Your Dental Practice

It becomes increasingly important for dentists to develop a solid plan for the coming months.


As dentists start reopening their practices, it becomes increasingly important for them to develop a solid plan for the coming months. In addition to providing updates on insurance reimbursements, PPP and a potentially helpful new tax credit, Art outlines the five most important things to focus on when reopening your dental practice:

  1. Developing a financial plan
  2. Leading your team
  3. Communicating with patients: emphasizing total health and complete care
  4. Evaluating your relationship with insurance companies and PPOs
  5. Tracking metrics to find profit holes in your practice

Focusing on these five critical steps will help make the return to pre-pandemic levels of business much easier for dentists.

Additional COVID-19 support, news and information is available at hmwccpa.com/covid19 and eidebailly.com/covid19.

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