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Parents Struggle with Kids’ Oral Care Habits in Delta Dental Survey

Caregivers say it’s easier to get children to do chores than brush and floss.


Summer break is in full swing, but our oral health requires studious attention all year round. According to the Children’s Oral Health Survey, nearly 1 in 2 parents in America is challenged with getting their kids to practice proper oral care. Moms and dads share that two of the most daunting tasks as a caregiver is getting their children to brush (46%) and floss (47%). Maintaining oral hygiene is right up there with getting kids to eat their vegetables (48%).

The Delta Dental national survey indicates that having kids make their beds (29%) is relatively easy for parents compared to instituting proper oral care. In fact, securing kids’ help with chores (43%) seems to be less of an effort for parents than obtaining children’s cooperation on their healthy smiles.

Is there hope for better oral care habits as kids age? The most challenging age group to get to brush appears to be children under 3 years old (49%), with the struggle to brush declining to a low of 42% for kids 6-9 years old.

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