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August 2019 Product Showcase



Using laser technology in your office? Laser plume puts you at risk. Laser plume can carry bioaerosols such as cellular debris, blood fragments and bacteria. Secure Fit™ Mask Technology: Engineered to protect what’s behind the mask.

Learn more about Secure Fit™ Mask levels of protection at crosstex.com.



Dia-X Rotary File System has heat-treated premium NiTi construction that offers extreme flexibility and durability. It has a convex triangular cross-section which reduces rotational fiction and contact with canal wall. With its progressive taper design and superior cutting efficiency, the new Dia-X Rotary Files offer precision, safety and reliable clinical results.

For more information, click here.



SprintRay Pro 3D Printer SprintRay Pro allows gives clinicians unprecedented control over their digital workflow. Fabricate surgical guides, clear aligners, digital dentures, and more for a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods.

For more information or to receive a sample today, visit sprintray.com.


Tokuyama’s OMNICHROMA is an innovative composite that matches every patient’s tooth shade, from A1-D4, with a single shade of composite. OMNICHROMA saves dentists time and money by removing the need to shade match and streamlining the restorative process.

You can request your sample today at omnichroma.com.


V-Posil Time Optimized VPS Impression System. VOCO’ V-Posil is a time-optimized VPS impression system offering a 2-minute adjustable working time for greater practitioner control, and a 2-minute thermo-activated set time to improve patient comfort while limiting procedural time. With a contact angle of less than TEN degrees (<10°), V-Posil’s superior hydrophilicity displaces fluids to create an enhanced contact to the dental anatomy, yielding more precise impressions.

For more information, voco.dental/us.

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