Omnichroma from Tokuyama Dental

Innovative Universal Composite Saves Time and Simplifies Shade Matching

What makes Omnichroma unique from other dental composites?

Omnichroma is the first one-shade universal composite that matches every tooth — from A1 to D4 and beyond — with a single composite shade. Featuring groundbreaking shade-matching abilities, this innovative restorative material is the culmination of 35 years of research and development by Tokuyama Dental.

How will this material increase practice efficiency?

Due to the nature of conventional composite technology, dentists must store and manage a large variety of composites in order to match the variety of tooth shades encountered in clinical practice. This leads to high overhead costs; even worse, many unused composite shades end up expiring. Omnichroma reduces this excess inventory, as it can be used with every tooth shade. Likewise, dentists will no longer have to keep incidental shades on hand.Tokuyama Omnichroma

Tokuyama Dental’s Omnichroma also helps dentists save chairtime. According to a recent survey, a majority of dentists spend 30 seconds or more selecting a shade for a restoration. Using 60 seconds as an average and noting the typical dentist restores 23 caries per week, this adds up to a time-savings of almost 20 hours per year by using Omnichroma.  This universal composite gives this time back to dentists by eliminating the need for shade selection and streamlining    the restorative process.

What technological breakthrough allows Omnichroma to match every tooth with one composite shade?

Structural color occurs when various wavelengths of light are amplified or weakened by the structure of the material itself, expressing colors other than what the material may actually be. While other composites rely on the chemical color of added dyes and pigments to match teeth, Tokuyama Dental’s Omnichroma utilizes a structural color phenomenon to match every tooth. With no added dyes or pigments, Omnichroma’s uniform spherical fillers are the exact size and shape needed to generate a red-to-yellow color that combines with the surrounding dentition, creating the perfect match for shades A1 to D4 and beyond.

When should clinicians use Omnichroma Blocker?

In most cases, Omnichroma can be used by itself in a standard universal procedure. As noted, this material relies on surrounding tooth structure to generate a perfect match for every tooth. In large class III and IV cases where there is minimal surrounding dentition, shade-matching interference may occur. To overcome this, Tokuyama Dental has developed Omnichroma Blocker. In these instances, this supplementary material can be used as a lingual layer in conjunction with Omnichroma to prevent shade-matching interference.





From Decisions in Dentistry. February 2019;5(2):44.

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