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CleanJoy by VOCO

VOCO introduces CleanJoy, a fluoride and xylitol-containing, minimally abrasive prophy paste.

AstraZeneca Vaccine Trial Halted Due to Adverse Effect

A significant adverse reaction was noted in one participant of a clinical trial on a COVID-19 vaccine being developed by AstraZeneca in partnership with Oxford University. Details on the serious side effect or the United Kingdom-based study…

Fire Up Your Dental Practice and Increase Profitability

As a dentist, operating your dental practice involves so much more than just clinical care. There are many aspects to managing the business that you likely never learned in school. Utilizing dental practice consultants can help lessen the…

Study Reports Large Gaps in Access to Dental Care

A policy brief from  UCLA Center for Health Policy Research shows low-income California adults are less likely to receive regular dental checkups and more likely to visit the dentist for specific problems than those with higher incomes. 

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