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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Pac-Dent’s iMatrix™ Clear Sectional Matrix System provides high-quality restorations while saving time and money.


The dental marketplace is quickly approaching the golden age of technology. With the recent introduction and quick adoption of digital intraoral scanners and three-dimensional (3D) printed restorations, clinicians are increasingly adopting game-changing, “work smarter, not harder” technologies into their practice whose existence just 10 years ago would have been unthinkable.

As a practicing clinician of more than 7 years, I make it a habit of seeking out these “work smarter, not harder” products that not only save me time and money, but consistently improve outcomes for my patients. An excellent example of this type of innovative product is Pac-Dent’s iMatrix™ Clear Sectional Matrix System, which is an ideal solution for the most tedious Class II restorations.

Solutions for Restorative Care

When I first used the iMatrix™ Clear intro kit, I immediately appreciated the attention to detail and effort Pac-Dent put into the system. The first and biggest advantage is the clear materials used to manufacture the ring, bands, and wedges. Clinicians no longer need to search for the best angle around the buccal and lingual areas to ensure the curing light can sneak past traditional instruments like metal bands and rings. I can easily and uniformly photocure directly through the rings, bands, and wedges without having to worry about the restoration’s integrity.

Additionally, I was impressed with how the mylar bands were sturdy, so they did not fold or wrinkle while leaving a more polished and finished tooth with optimal contours, reducing the effort needed for final finishing and polishing. If some adjustments were needed, the intro kit included a reusable, three-step polishing kit that made finishing and polishing effortless.

Lastly, the clear nickel-titanium (NiTi) matrix ring shows it was designed with the clinician in mind. The clear NiTi rings include a unique undercut design that offers increased visibility during the restoration but also prolongs the ring’s durability by allowing for metal-to-metal contact with forceps. This reduces the wear caused to traditionally plastic areas while providing greater stability during the procedure. The “M” shaped tines on the ring allow for better placement on the clear wedges, making it a perfect ring to be stacked for MOD and multiple restorations. Of course, the clear materials used in the rings, bands, and wedges prove to be a great help in ensuring proper photocuring in a crowded working space with multiple restorations.

As an experienced dentist who dedicates a significant amount of time to finding and incorporating innovative products into my practice, the iMatrix™ Clear Sectional Matrix system is a remarkable asset for restorative dentists to save time and money and, most importantly, provide high-quality restorations.


From Decisions in Dentistry. April/May 2024; 10(3):24

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