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Product Profile: Admira Fusion restorative family from VOCO

Nano-ormocer technology reduces shrinkage and shrinkage stress up to 50%.




  • Knowing that all-ceramic-based restorations set the benchmark for esthetics, strength and longevity, VOCO combined its pioneering nanohybrid chemistry with proven ORMOCER (ORganically MOdified CERamic) technology to create the first universal direct nano-ORMOCER restorative, Admira Fusion.
  • Admira Fusion’s proprietary silicon oxide chemistry is not only used for the fillers (nanofillers, as well as glass ceramics), it’s also used in the ceramic resin matrix.
  • The advantages of pure silicate technology include up to 50% less polymerization shrinkage (1.25% by volume) than conventional composites, and up to 50% less shrinkage stress, which help ensure marginal integrity that contributes to more predictable outcomes.
  • Additional physical properties that are enhanced by VOCO’s innovative nano-ORMOCER technology include improved adaption, as well as natural translucency and opacity that help the material blend seamlessly with surrounding tooth structure.
  • The ORMOCERs used in Admira Fusion make it highly biocompatible, as it contains none of today’s typical monomers, such as bisphenol A-glycidyl methacrylate, triethyleneglycoldimethacrylate or urethane dimethacrylate (perhaps better known by their acronyms BisGMA, TEGDMA and UDMA), that can be released upon curing.
  • Light-cured, radiopaque Admira Fusion has an 84% (by weight) inorganic filler content, which ensures outstanding wear resistance — and, when combined with Admira Fusion’s excellent color stability, allows for universal use in anterior and posterior regions.
  • Delivering superior edge strength and surface hardness, this homogeneous material offers nonsticky handling and is compatible with all conventional bonding materials.
  • Admira Fusion is available in 18 VITA shades, and clinicians can choose between syringe delivery or unit-dose apsules.
  • VOCO’s cutting-edge technology is featured in the entire family of products, which includes Admira Fusion, Admira Fusion x-tra, Admira Fusion Flow and Admira Fusion x-base.
Admira Fusion x-tra (left), Admira Fusion Flow (middle), Admira Fusion x-base (right)


Admira Fusion’s nano-ORMOCER technology represents the next generation in universal direct restoratives. Offering easy handling, low shrinkage and excellent physical properties, these biocompatible, 100% BPA-free, all-ceramic-based materials help ensure predictable outcomes and superior esthetics.

From Decisions in Dentistry. March 2018;4(3):53.

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