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OMNICHROMA from Tokuyama Dental

One-shade universal composite saves dentists time and money.


One-shade universal composite saves dentists time and money


  • OMNICHROMA is the first universal composite that matches every patient’s tooth shade, from A1 to D4, with a single shade of composite.
  • Tokuyama Dental’s innovative shade-matching technology utilizes structural color, which occurs when different wavelengths of light are amplified or weakened by the structure of a material itself, expressing colors other than what the material may actually be.
  • OMNICHROMA’s 260-nanometer spherical fillers are the precise shape and size necessary to generate red-to-yellow structural color as ambient light passes through the composite.
  • Combined with the reflected color of the patient’s surrounding dentition, this results in a perfect match with no added dyes or pigments.
  • By eliminating the need for an extensive inventory of composite brands and shades, OMNICHROMA saves money by reducing the time needed to manage seldom-used restoratives,  not to mention the cost of expired materials.
    Scanning electron micrographs of OMNICHROMA at 5000x magnification (A) and 20,000x magnification (B) show how the shape and size of the filler within the
    composite support Smart Chromatic Technology that allows universal shade matching.
  • Offering dentists a new, go-to universal composite, this groundbreaking material also saves time by reducing the need for shade selection.
  • A recent survey shows 52% of doctors spend 30 to 60 seconds shade-matching in restorative procedures. Using 60 seconds as an average and noting the typical dentist restores 23 caries a week, this adds up to a time-savings of almost 20 hours per year by using OMNICHROMA.
  • Learn more and request a free sample today at OMNICHROMA.com/US.


Featuring exceptional shade matching, high polishability, and excellent physical/mechanical properties, OMNICHROMA offers dentists a new, go-to universal composite. By eliminating the need to maintain large inventories of materials and streamlining the shade selection and restorative process, OMNICHROMA saves practices time and money.





From Decisions in Dentistry. June 2019;5(6):51.

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