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Japanese Dentists Sue Google Over Bad Reviews

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In Tokyo, 63 physicians and dentists have taken legal action against Google, asking for ap­prox­imately 1.4 million yen in damages, alleging that unfair reviews on its navigation app, Google Maps, have significantly harmed their businesses. Filed with the Tokyo District Court, this lawsuit marks the first challenge of its kind against a technology giant providing platform services. The plaintiffs claim that groundless negative reviews on Google Maps have led to substantial setbacks for their practices.

According to the defense counsel, these professionals assert their operations have been impeded by slander, insults, and false claims of closure. Yuichi Nakazawa, representing the plaintiffs, argues that Google should bear re­sponsibility for the harm caused, emphasizing the difficulty individuals face in requesting review removals.

While acknowledging efforts to combat misinformation, the plaintiffs argue that Google has not adequately addressed their grievances, despite the sensitive nature of doctor-patient confidentiality. Despite declining to comment on this specific case, the United States tech giant maintains its commitment to minimizing inaccuracies on its platform.

From Decisions in Dentistry. April/May 2024; 10(3):10

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