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Product Profile: Invisible Aligners

Invisible aligners offer orthodontic solution for price-sensitive patients.


smile_care_club_invisible_alignersFEATURES AND BENEFITS

  • Approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, SmileCareClub’s invisible aligners offer practices an affordable and convenient way to provide orthodontic treatment.
  • Costing up to 70% less than some aligner systems, these custom-made invisible aligners eliminate uncomfortable wires and brackets.
  • The aligners’ straight-edged design means there are no unsightly attachments.
  • The system includes a three-dimensional (3D) treatment plan to show patients what their smiles will look like once therapy is complete.
  • In most cases, patients won’t require office visits; instead, the dentist overseeing the case can remotely review and prescribe treatment via digital teledentistry technology (see sidebar).
  • With no cost to join, SmileCareClub allows offices to easily add an orthodontic solution to their list of services.
  • Some of the additional advantages of this system include digital access to a patient’s dental records through SmileCareClub’s cloudbased platform, and free referrals for complex cases and other dental services.
  • Offering exclusive territory rights to help set practices apart from the competition, SmileCareClub handles all the billing and paperwork, and also provides comprehensive malpractice coverage.

Here’s How It Worksinvisible-aligners-from-smile-care-club

  1. After purchasing a $95 evaluation kit, the patient submits seven photos to the doctor for evaluation.
  2. Once approved by the clinician, SmileCareClub sends the patient an at-home impression kit or schedules an in-home scan.
  3. After receiving the SmileCareClub starter trays, the patient confirms the fit and accepts the 3D treatment plan and full cost of treatment.
  4. SmileCareClub custom manufactures and ships the aligners directly to the patient.


SmileCareClub empowers dentists to remotely review and prescribe treatment for patients age 15 or older with mild to moderate orthodontic misalignment. Even if the office already offers invisible aligners, the SmileCareClub system will help price-sensitive patients achieve the smile they seek.

800-208-7917 SmileCareClub.com/Provider


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