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KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic
KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic

From a clinician’s standpoint, what are the advantages of doing business with Keating Dental Arts?

While Keating Dental Arts is a big lab, it maintains the feel and practice-centric focus of a small, family lab. Backed by a company culture that emphasizes the customer is always right, the staff takes great pride in its top-level service and the fact that its products are made in America. Our goal is to keep doctors happy while helping them grow their practices.

What are the three most critical elements of a dental lab’s success?

People, communication and opportunity. First, you’re only as good as your people, and Keating Dental Arts supports clinicians with a great staff and highly experienced technicians. Second, communication is key. When dentists call, they get a real person, not a recording. Clients can rest assured that when they reach out, we’re here to support them. Third, it’s important to remember that every day, every case, is new. You can’t live on your past achievements. Each case brings a new opportunity to excel.

How do you stay on top of changes in dental practice?

Given the rapid changes in today’s dental market, we have brought on new talent so we can stay ahead of the curve. Helping dentists keep up with technology is a key directive. Toward this goal, our team has increased Keating Dental Arts’ social media presence and launched DentalUp.xyz, a new educational website that reaches across multiple generations of dental professionals and connects them to podcasts, videos and news covering everything dental. Our goal is to create stickiness between our educational content and product/service offerings.

Can you share any details about what’s in the works right now?

Keating Dental Arts will be introducing some exciting solutions in 2016. We’re working closely with our zirconia supplier in developing new materials that will change the industry. The KDZ Bruxer Aesthetic that we recently debuted, for example, offers excellent aesthetics and is up to 40% stronger than a leading lithium disilicate material. We’re also excited about the education programs we’re releasing. Our goal is to transform Keating Dental Arts into a one-stop resource for insightful clinical information and cutting-edge restorative solutions.

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