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UT Health San Antonio Opens Dental Clinic for Patients With Special Needs


The UT Health San Antonio School of Dentistry has inaugurated the Phil and Karen Hunke Special Care Clinic, a pioneering initiative in South Texas within an academic setting, catering to individuals of all ages with intellectual, developmental, cognitive, or physical disabilities. The clinic, occupying approximately 4,300 square feet, features specially designed treatment rooms with adjustable sound and lighting, including a “Zen Den,” a multi-sensory room designed to alleviate anxiety. Equipped with seven dental treatment rooms and five conscious sedation rooms, the clinic can accommodate up to 40 patients daily, aiming to address the significant lack of oral health services for this population. The clinic serves a triple role: providing patient care, offering academic and clinical training for students across various disciplines, and acting as a resource hub for community dentists and social service providers. Supported by philanthropic donations and federal grants, the clinic aims to expand oral care for individuals with special healthcare needs while providing comprehensive, tailored treatment plans and accepting Medicaid and select dental insurances to ensure accessibility and inclusivity. Click here to read more.

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