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South-Central Vermont Town Reconsiders Water Fluoridation


The issue of water fluoridation in Rutland, Vermont, has resurfaced, with residents set to vote on whether to prohibit fluoride in the city’s water supply. Opponents of fluoridation argue against its effectiveness in preventing tooth decay and express concerns about potential health risks. They view adding fluoride without individual consent as a form of unauthorized medication. Financial concerns arise as opponents highlight the expense of installing filtration systems for those who prefer fluoride-free water. Conversely, oral health professionals and public health officials advocate for maintaining fluoride, citing its proven benefits in reducing dental caries. They stress the importance of fluoride in dental health and emphasize the safety of recommended levels. Scientific evidence supports their stance, although they acknowledge the risk of dental fluorosis from excessive fluoride intake during childhood. Despite previous voting outcomes favoring fluoridation, the upcoming ballot on March 5 will once again determine the city’s stance on the issue. The debate underscores broader discussions surrounding public health, individual rights, and community decision making. Click here to read more.

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