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Pennsylvania Considers Adding Dental Care Back Into Medicaid Program


Pennsylvania lawmakers are aiming to reinstate Medicaid coverage for most forms of dental care, addressing a gap in oral healthcare services created in 2011 when changes to the state’s Medical Assistance Program restricted coverage for low-income residents. These changes meant that procedures, such as endodontic therapy, were only covered if patients had an approved exception or serious health condition, leaving many without access to essential dental care. Legislation has been introduced in both the Senate and the House to restore Medicaid assistance for dental care. Senator Jay Costa, the prime sponsor of the Senate bill, emphasized the importance of early access to dental care, as untreated dental issues can escalate into severe health problems, leading to emergency department visits and hospitalization. Providing dental treatment early can also save the state money by preventing costly treatments and complications related to conditions like periodontal disease. Click here to read more.

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