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Maximize Efficiency To Keep All of Your Plates in the Air


Do you ever feel as though you have hundreds of plates in the air and are constantly waiting for one to fall? I think many of us know this feeling; however, dental office managers are truly the behind-the-scenes plate spinners!

A dental office manager often has a “plate” full of responsibilities regarding the daily tasks of a practice — such as managing patients and staff members, human resources, marketing, and communications; tracking compliance with all required guidelines; training new staff members; and motivating and retaining staff members. Now that is a FULL plate!

Maximizing efficiency is the goal of every dental office manager and it’s not only key to a well-run dental practice, it’s also necessary to keep you happy and healthy in your work.

And herein lies the goal of Front Office — to increase efficiency in the dental practice. In our inaugural issue, we provide you with some keen insights on important topics related to your day-to-day duties, including creating an inclusive environment in addition to tips on using practice data to guide your decision making.
We also provide strategies from some of the most important players in the dental office management arena to help you effortlessly run your practice while keeping all of your plates in the air.

As a former dental hygienist with more than 25 years of experience, I certainly understand the gravity of what you do to ensure patients and staff have a positive experience at your dental office. And as publisher of journals for dental hygienists and dentists, multitasking is part of my DNA. In a nutshell, our team here at Front Office is dedicated to helping you be the best dental office manager you can be.

We would love to hear from you. What would you like to see in future issues? Drop me a line at lkent@belmontbusinessmedia.com.

— Lorene G. Kent


From Front Office Magazine. August 2023; 1(8):4.

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