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Zest Dental Solutions Opens Global Education Center in Las Vegas

Global Education Center focuses on removable and FIXED full-arch restoration training.


Zest Dental Solutions, the only manufacturer of the Zest LOCATOR family of FIXED and removable abutment systems, including the Zest LOCATOR implant system, and provider of clinician-trusted dental materials and small equipment, is proud to announce the official opening of its state-of-the-art hand-on training center in Las Vegas. The 10,000-square foot Zest Dental Solutions Global Education Center is poised to carry on and elevate the tradition of comprehensive, relevant didactic and hands-on training that has become a staple for clinicians across the globe.

“Zest Dental Solutions is launching what we consider the premiere full-arch, digital dentistry, and dental materials training center in the world,” notes Michael Scherer, DMD, MS, zest’s chief clinical officer and board-certified implant specialist. “We are inviting doctors from around the globe to Las Vegas to train in clinically focused dentistry and laboratory techniques, many of which will center around our LOCATOR FIXED solution. Attendees will walk away with a solid foundation to easily incorporate both a removable and FIXED offering into their practices, thereby expanding their patient universe and sparking practice growth.”ZestMasters

The Global Education Center features a unique immersive experience that is designed for real world clinical educators to teach real-world dentistry in an incredible space dedicated to Zest and its partners. The center includes a private classroom for traditional presentations and hands-on training facility that together can seat large class sizes.

school desksThe center also features the latest in audio-visual equipment, a dental treatment room to broadcast for clinically focused training programs, and a large banquet room for meals, parties and interaction. Additionally, Zest implant and distribution partners, DSO and GPO customers, and laboratory partners have access to an exclusive space to host meetings and training courses on Zest-related projects.

The Zest Global Education Center will be home to the ZestMasters CE curriculum, the crown jewel of the company’s education portfolio, focused on training doctors on the tried-and-true LOCATOR attachment and implant system, as well as various other restorative techniques. LOCATOR FIXED, the newest member of the LOCATOR family, which gives doctors the ability to seamlessly go from a removable overdenture and a FIXED full-arch solution with the same abutments and workflow, will be front and center in Las Vegas.

Driven by flexibility and the goal of making an affordable, permanent teeth solution more accessible, clinicians can now utilize patients’ existing or newly placed LOCATOR abutments to provide a FIXED full-arch solution. LOCATOR FIXED empowers them to offer staged treatment planning — removable overdentures today, followed by FIXED full-arch tomorrow — simply by switching out the LOCATOR inserts and housings in the existing prosthesis, followed by fabricating a new prosthesis later.

To learn more about the Zest Global Education Center and the courses offered, call 800-262-2310 or visit www.zestdent.com. To learn more about LOCATOR FIXED, visit www.zestdent.com/locator-fixed.

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