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Dentaplex Vitamin Mineral Supplement Supports Oral Health



Dentaplex (1-888-325-2395; mediniche.com), the first dental health supplement to be introduced specifically for professional recommendation, is the No. 1 choice of dentists and dental hygienists. Designed to provide dental-specific micronutrients, Dentaplex is formulated around a “C complex” of calcium, vitamin C, and carotenoids that helps support healthy teeth and gingiva. Other ingredients include vitamins A, D, E, and B complex, as well as magnesium, zinc, molybdenum, vanadium, and copper. Dentaplex is now a standard component of a complete self-care program for patients receiving periodontal care, dental implant therapy, or oral surgery, and can also be used for managing canker sores.

Introduced in 1999, Dentaplex was developed to assist patients in maintaining healthy oral structures. In addition, our dentist and dental hygienist customers report that Dentaplex is an excellent choice for building patient rapport. Besides direct purchase through the company, this supplement can be professionally dispensed as part of a patient “total care” package. Just call 1-888-325-2395 or e-mail dentaplex@mediniche.com and our Dentaplex specialists will be pleased to assist you in setting up any option.

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