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The State of Florida Considers Funding Volunteer Dental Program


With the absence of dental coverage under Medicare, it’s no wonder that many in Florida—which has one of the largest older adult populations in the United States—struggle to access professional oral healthcare services. In 1997, the Florida Dental Association and Dental Lifeline Network-Florida started the Donated Dental Service Program, and they have been funding it ever since. The program connects patients with dental needs but little ability to pay with dentists and dental lab technicians who are willing to donate their services. A hugely successful endeavor, the Donated Dental Service Program currently has more than 700 Floridians on the waiting list. In response to the need, Florida’s state legislature is considering supporting the program with public funds so that additional staff may be hired to find more clinicians and technicians willing to volunteer their time. The 2022-2023 state budget, which is awaiting approval from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, includes $200,000 for the program. Click here to read more.

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