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Rhinogram Platform Enhances the Patient Experience


rhinogramAs a leading cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant patient engagement platform, Rhinogram (423-829-1793; rhinogram.com) helps dental offices communicate with patients via text message, video interactions and phone calls to address appointment requests, clinical questions, medical records access and more. This platform seamlessly integrates with most electronic health record and practice management systems to synchronize encrypted patient communications into clinical workflows. Rhinogram’s technology makes the office landline textable, offering staff members multiple options for contactless care and extending care to patients with limited access. The platform includes a quick message triage that allows the scheduling team to handle appointments and billing staff to field financial and insurance queries, while freeing providers to concentrate on treatment. By streamlining administrative processes, as well as pre- and postprocedural care, Rhinogram helps dental teams deliver a superior experience that encourages patient loyalty.

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