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Parkell Launches Brush&Bond MAX Bonding System


Brush and Bond MaxParkell is proud to announce the new Brush&Bond® MAX bonding system. Building on decades of success with Brush&Bond, Brush&Bond MAX is a next-generation bonding agent that focuses on providing optimal performance on the surfaces dentists use bonding agents the most — enamel and dentin. This single-bottle system provides excellent adhesion and high bond strengths, so clinicians can feel confident in their ability to deliver restorations that can withstand the test of time — and with no postoperative sensitivity.

One key differentiator with Parkell’s Brush&Bond MAX is the introduction of the simplified touch application technique, which is an alternative to the scrubbing step needed when applying many other bonding agents to the prep surface, some of which require up to 20 to 30 seconds of active scrubbing.

With Brush&Bond MAX, dentists just need to dip the head of the chemically treated activator brush into the Brush&Bond MAX liquid and simply touch it to the prep surface, going back and forth to pick up more liquid until the entire prep surface is moist. Once the brush touches the surface, Brush&Bond MAX does the rest of the work, as it begins penetration down into the tubules. This technique eliminates doubts about being able to scrub the liquid into tight line angles or the bottom of a small proximal box.

Brush&Bond MAX also treats dentinal hypersensitivity and seals crown preps with a durable surface coat during temporization. Because of its low film thickness, it is imperceptible in X-rays and won’t interfere with the seating of lab-fabricated restorations when used in conjunction with resin-based adhesive cements. It is compatible with all Parkell restorative composites, as well as all light-cure, self-cure, and dual-cure methacrylate-based composites and cements currently available.

It can be used with Ea-Z-Y Primer for bonding to porcelain, zirconia and lithium disilicate restorations.

Brush&Bond MAX works with all etching techniques (total-etch, selective-etch and self-etch), seals dentin, cementum and enamel, improves retention of most self-adhesive resin cements when applied to the prep surface prior to the final cementation of indirect restorations, and provides deep penetration into the tubules to promote the formation of a complex hybrid network that ensures long-term bonding between the tooth and the restorative material.

For more information, visit parkell.com or call 800-243-7446.

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