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New VursaWedge Sizes and Designs Streamline Class II Composite Cases


VursaWedgeBurtonBands announces the immediate availability of several new VursaWedge innovations, including the release of two new sizes — medium and large — and the addition of the Anatomical VursaWedge designed specifically for use in challenging furcation cases.

With its proprietary split wedge design, the VursaWedge solves Class II procedural inefficiencies, such as gingival seal issues, matrix contour issues and proximal contact issues, all in one easy-to-use device. A better seal at the gingival margin also results in less flash, thereby achieving better results with less time needed for finishing and polishing.

The flexible split wedge design of VursaWedge allows for proper contour and a tight gingival seal, as the two legs of the wedge splay out to effectively hold the matrix in place, creating a system that is fully compatible with all major ring systems. The current small size VursaWedge is ideal for use in healthy gingiva cases with little-to-no attachment loss. However larger sizes are needed to overcome larger embrasure cases, and that’s where the new medium and large size VursaWedges come into play.

Additionally, a specialized VursaWedge is available for use with cases involving furcation. Due to its unique convex contour, the aptly named Anatomical VursaWedge allows clinicians to predictably seal difficult furcation cases.

VursaWedge is available to dentists in the U.S. and Canada through an exclusive distribution agreement with Young Specialties. For more information and to order, click here.

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