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Start the New Year Strong by Assessing Your Financial Planning Strategies


It’s a new year, and with it comes the need for dentists to review their financial planning goals and benchmarks. In order to build wealth and have the lifestyle you desire now—as well as long into retirement—it’s best to start planning and investing early, be consistent in saving throughout your career and maintain focus on your long-term goals. It’s important that dentists build the right financial team full of people they can trust and depend on to help reach goals and build lasting wealth.

In this episode of The Art of Dental Finance and Management podcast, Art meets with Steve Kwong of Merrill Lynch to discuss everything that dentists should know about financial planning that they may not have learned before. Art and Steve speak on financial planning fundamentals, as well as which types of investments are the best bet for 2021.

Financial planning strategies covered include:

  • Begin with an end in mind
  • Set and meet goals
  • Evaluate risk and risk management timeframes
  • Invest with a purpose
  • Maximize return
  • Allocate your investments in different risk buckets
  • Assess risk/reward tradeoff
  • Implement a 401k or profit-sharing plan in your practice
  • Create a legacy
  • Prevent falling prey to financial schemes

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